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Trucking Accident Attorney


    Lake Charles 18 Wheeler Accident Attorneys

    From Optimus Prime to the Big Rigs movie, 18-wheelers are a familiar feature of American media and a huge portion of the United States economy. The surge of overnight shipping and online shopping has made them an ever more common feature of our roads and highways. What has not changed is that commercial trucks can be extremely dangerous when involved in accidents.

    Your average passenger car weighs about 5,000 pounds.  Cars other lighter vehicles simply can’t contend with the sheer size and force behind a 4 ton truck. Even though these types of accidents have declined since their peak in the 1970s, they still cause thousands of fatalities every year.

    According to The Large Truck and Bus Crash Facts Report by the U.S. Department of Transportation there were 3,649 fatal crashes nationwide involving large trucks and 18-wheelers in 2014. Using those numbers, that means roughly 11 fatal trucking accidents happened every day. That same year, there were 379,000 trucking crashes that solely involved property damage. With numbers like that, it’s hard to ignore just how just how dangerous (and costly!) getting on the road with these trucks can be.


    Who is at Fault in Trucking Accidents?

    Like regular car accidents, trucking accidents are often caused by driver errors like excessive speed or driving while fatigued.  Unlike regular accidents, there may be other factors in play such as trucking companies that use faulty equipment, or violate safety laws in favor profitability.

    Long-haul trucking is a federally regulated industry. This adds a layer of complexity to the investigation of trucking accidents. Federal law requires a multitude of checks, regulations, and documentation of the trucking industry.  It takes time and an experienced legal team to comb through government and company records, safety regulations, and a the driver’s background.

    State law also comes into play with trucking accidents. State and federal regulations are not identical and may vary depending on the type of truck and the type of cargo it was carrying. On top of all this confusion are insurance companies. Because trucks drive across state lines, they are often insured by more than one insurance carrier. The bottom line is that determining fault in a trucking accident isn’t always a simple task. Having a team of experienced attorneys and legal staff on your side can be invaluable when faced with such a daunting task.

    What Should I expect from a trucking accident case?

     Only people who have first hand experience in an 18-wheeler accident truly know how devastating they can be to a person’s life. Due to all the previously mentioned issues, the magnitude and legal complexity of these legal cases is daunting compared to a regular car accident.  This makes it very critical that you seek out a law firm that has previous experience with these types of accidents. You want attorneys that have a working understanding of the laws and violations around the trucking industry.

    Every year, thousands of 18-wheelers, semi trucks, big rigs and other commercial motor vehicles  travel across the Lake Charles area and the state of Louisiana.  We know the type of professional industry investigators who can best collect the details your accident. We can help you evaluate the most serious of accident cases and to get to the bottom of what really happened.

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