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Early Voting Begins in Lake Charles

Early voting has begun in Louisiana for the November 8th election.

Early voting is open to all registered voters within their parish. There are no special qualifications to be eligible for early voting. If you will be out of town for the election, you are eligible. Are you scheduled to work on election day? No worries, you are eligible. If you are gonna be in town and not busy at all and have no reason that you can’t make to the polls on November 8, you are still eligible for early voting.

On the Ballot

There may be more on your ballot than you are expecting to see.

Along with the Presidential election, Louisiana has one U.S. Senate seat up for grabs, each Congressional District will be voting for a House seat and there are 6 Constitutional Amendments on every ballot statewide. In addition to the statewide initiatives, you may have Judges, mileages or other local officials on your ballot.

Take a few minutes before you head to the polls to study your sample ballot. Know who and what issues you will be voting on so you are not taken by surprise and trying to make a last minute decision once you are in the booth.

Sample ballots with all the voting measures are available to view at

Early Voting Information

October 25th – November 1st (excluding Sunday)
8:30am – 6:00pm

Parish Courthouse – 1000 Ryan St. #7, Lake Charles

West Calcasieu Business Center – 500 AN Huntington St. #B, Sulphur

Moss Bluff Library – 261 Parish Rd., Moss Bluff

Get out and vote!!

festival international

30th Festival International de Louisiane Apr 20 – Apr 24, 2016

The festival features an incredibly diverse lineup of talented musicians from around the world performing across several stages throughout the five-day affair. In addition to enjoying the live music, guests can peruse arts and crafts booths displaying unique items including sculpture, jewelry, fine art, instruments and pottery. Everyone is family at this lively event that encourages visitors and locals alike to learn about French and Caribbean heritage and take part in this grand celebration.

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I-10 closure

I-10 closure at Texas/Louisiana border

Heavy rains pounded Texas and Louisiana for days, and though the storm has passed, the water continues to rise.  Louisiana and Texas officials at the Department of Transportation and Development expect to close I-10 east and west at the Louisiana/Texas border as flooding from the Sabine River continues to threaten the area.  Officials have not predicted how long the interstate will be closed.  Once the water has receded the roadways will need to be inspected to insure they are safe for travel.

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