9 Amazing Pies You Can Find in Louisiana

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9 Amazing Pies You Can Find in Louisiana.  

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Louisiana is home to many delicious things, and pies are definitely one. In fact, we are home to some of the biggest pie innovations in the country—pecan pie and meat pie. Here are some of the most delicious pies available in Louisiana, and where you can find them!


1) Jim’s Kountry Pies in Youngsville

Mr. Jim learned to make pies straight from his mama, and has been doing it ever since he was a very young boy. This little spot is a well kept secret, so much so that you may even want to order in ahead to ensure you get the pie of your choosing.


2) Anna’s Old Fashioned Pies in Lake Charles

Once upon a time Anna’s Pies went from business to business selling their delightful treats. But now people come flocking to them for their perennially old fashioned pies.


3) Lasoyne’s, Natchitoches

The Natchitoches meat pie is well known throughout the state, and this place is known as the originator. Since its inception the restaurant has been run by Chef Angela Lasyone and Tina Lasyone Smith, so you know the tradition is alive and well. If you have never eaten a crayfish, much less a crayfish pie, this is the place to go.

Classic Louisiana meat pie from Lasyone’s.


4) K-Paul’s, New Orleans

Louisianians love pecan pie, and they love sweet potato pie, so it was only a matter of time before we came out with the sweet potato pecan pie. This heavenly creation is said to be the work of none other than Chef Paul Prudhomme – I should have known!


The legendary sweet potato-pecan pie from K Paul’s.


5) Slayden’s Barbecue, Bastrop

Bastrop locals can’t seem to get enough at Slayden’s Barbecue. After dinner be sure to grab a homemade pie, but between the delectable coconut, pineapple, and banana cream pies, (to name a few) how are you supposed to decide?

Here’s a taste of the banana coconut.


6) Strawn’s Pies, Shreveport

During the time that Strawn’s was emerging as a “Shreveport tradition” it was being operated by a restaurant dream team including Ella Hamilton aka “The Pie Lady.” In more recent history its ice box pies have been featured numerous times by Southern Living magazine.

The famous strawberry pie at Strawn’s.


7) Not Just Pie, Monroe

Come for a po’ boy, but whatever you do, stay for pie! They were recently named one of the best pie shops in America by The Daily Meal. May I recommend the Banana Caramel?


8) Hubig’s Pies, New Orleans

Technically these pies aren’t available anymore, since a factory fire in 2012 put Hubigs on hold. But word is that the factory could re-open any day now…

Lemon flavored Hubig’s–delicious!!


9) Lecompte Pie Festival, Lecompte

What better place to go for pie than the Lecompte Pie Festival? The town of Lecompte was declared the pie capital of Louisiana by the state legislature itself!

Don’t forget to participate in the annual pie eating contest.


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